What is Reverse Vasectomy?

Embracing parenthood is a challenging but beautiful experience. However, it is always a couple’s choice to embrace parenthood or not. Medical technology advancement supports this choice of individuals and provides solutions accordingly. It facilitates males and females to choose when and how to conceive.

Before understanding reverse vasectomy, it is important to talk about vasectomy. Vas deferens tube carries sperms from the testis to the penis. Vasectomy is a surgical process for male contraception, where the vas deferens tube is cut and tied. After a vasectomy no sperm is present in the semen, thus no sperm reaches the female uterus during intercourse and no pregnancy occurs. Vasectomy is generally done if a male doesn’t want to expand family anymore.

Reverse vasectomy is just the opposite of vasectomy, but the process is more complex. In this process, a surgeon re-joins vas deferens and enables sperm to reach the penis. Since after vasectomy reversal sperms are present in the semen, they can initiate conception after unprotected intercourse.

What is the need for this Process?

Generally, this surgery is not done for any medical emergency, rather on an individual’s requirements. If a man had a vasectomy earlier; but now he changed her mind and desires to extend his family, can opt for this surgery. Some men, who lost their child or remarried and want to have a child from another marriage, also go through this procedure.

Preparation before the Process

This procedure is done under the observation of an experienced surgeon as this is a much complex procedure. Dr. Vishal Dutt Gour – the best urologist in Delhi has a wide experience in resolving male fertility issues. Before this procedure, the following preparation needs to be done.

  • The person must confirm whether his female partner can get pregnant or not. After the age of 45 or 50, most women hit menopause, where no eggs produce and no chance of conception.
  • Reverse Vasectomy is an expensive procedure and may not be covered through insurance. Check the finances for the process, before the reversal process starts.
  • Before the reversal, the doctor tests your capabilities of generating healthy sperms. In a vasectomy, one can produce sperms but it cannot reach the penis. One may have got done the vasectomy a long back, since then the ability to produce sperms may have decreased because of aging, stress, or lifestyle factors.
  • Since this is a surgical process, anesthesia is given to the patient to make him unconscious so that no pain can be felt during the procedure.

How Reverse Vasectomy is Performed?

Based on the analysis of fluid present in the vas deferens and the existence of sperms in the fluid, either of the following two methods can be used to perform vasectomy reversal.

  1. Vasovasostomy: In Vasovasostomy, both ends of the vas deferens tube (that was earlier cut during a vasectomy) are sewed together so that sperms can reach the penis.
  2. Vasoepididymostomy: In Vasoepididymostomy, vas deferens is attached to the epididymis that is located just behind each testicle and holds sperms. This method is only used when vasovasostomy fails or does not work.

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