Natural Ways to Enhance Male Fertility

Natural Ways to Enhance Male Fertility

Parenthood is an amazing experience and is a dream of many couples at some point in their lives. But becoming pregnant is a two-way thing; if either of the partners is infertile, it is not possible to conceive naturally. Unlike women, male fertility decreases at a very slow pace; but negligence towards a balanced diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle may affect male fertility badly.

The key element of male fertility is sperm. Sperm quality and quantity is the measure of male fertility. Other parameters of male fertility are libido, sperm count, erection, and testosterone level.

The following natural ways are there that can boost your sperm counts.

Adopting an Active Lifestyle

Lifestyle has a great influence on a person’s overall health and fertility is not an exception. An energetic routine, exercising, and yoga practicing can help to boost fertility. Exercising is helpful for increasing testosterone levels.

Reducing Stress Level

Stress generates free radicals in the body that can create inflammation. Inflammatory effects can harm your genitals and lead to poor sperm quality. Stress can also affect your desire to indulge in sexual activity and cause reduced libido. Continuous stress increases cortisol levels that are injurious for testosterone. Stress handling is so simple but needs regular practice such as yoga, meditation, and walk. You can also perform your favorite activity such as playing an instrument, painting, dancing, or so on to manage your stress.

Consume Healthy Food

Dr. Vishal Dutt Gour – the best male infertility doctor in Delhi explains that you might be eating enough but possibly not taking enough nutrition. A balanced diet can boost your fertility.

  1. Taking antioxidants reduces the free radicals in your body. Green vegetables, nuts, and fruits containing vitamin C, E, and folate are beneficial for fertility.
  2. Including sufficient fibers in your diet are beneficial for metabolism. This helps in reducing obesity and its negative effects on fertility. Fruit fibers, sweet potatoes, oats, and so on help to balance the hormones in the body.
  3. Zinc supplements eliminate the chances of infertility by increasing sperm quality. You can add zinc-rich food such as fish, meat, shellfish, and eggs to your diet.
  4. Omega 3 enriched nuts such as walnuts and flax seeds are helpful to pump adequate blood to the sexual organs and improve sexual health.

Taking Medicinal Herbs

Consuming some herbs that have special properties to boost testosterone levels is helpful for fertility.

  1. Ashwagandha has a special place in Ayurveda as a remedy for infertility. Research suggests that it can increase semen volume by 53% and sperm counts by 167%. It improves blood circulation to the sexual organs and increases testosterone levels. Ashwagandha also cures sexual illnesses such as low sperm count (oligospermia) and erectile dysfunction.
  2. Fenugreek is also beneficial for testosterone levels. It is consumed with herbal tea or other food items. It is effective in losing weight and gaining strength.
  3. Triphala has a cleansing property. Fertility issues depend on various factors such as smoking, drinking, and drugs that infuse toxins in the body tissues. Triphala purifies the blood and removes blockages to boost fertility.

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