How Exercises Play A Crucial Part In IVF Treatment

IVF is a process of helping or assisting parents to have a baby when naturally taking a baby might not be possible due to fertility problems. Many individuals find the IVF process very complex and often get confused about what to do and what to avoid during the treatment. There are many advanced and affordable IVF treatment facilities that can help you in the treatment, but getting a guide or to-do list is very hard.

If you want to get through the process without complications these things can help you. Including food, exercise, lifestyle, chemicals, etc.

Exercise guide

This is a common confusion in many women and men that, exercise is healthy during the IVF treatment? The answer is both yes and no because some exercises can help you with the treatment and some of them can be harmful. Some of the parents avoid exercise to prevent any injury during the IVF treatment. There are many IVF center in Noida that do not suggest exercise during the IVF process.

Women with a healthy BMI (body mass index) should continue exercises, as a daily routine, as doing exercise can cause the uterine lining to get thick. A study shows that regular exercise can have a negative impact on IVF treatment.

Exercising more than four hours a week can cause less chance of having a live birth by 40%, increase the chances of cycles cancelation 3 times and increase the chances of loss of a pregnancy or failed attempt of implantation by 2 times. Also, cardiovascular exercises can affect directly in childbirth, as it lowers the chances of successful childbirth by 30%.

Basics about the exercise you should know

Exercise and nutrition play a very important role in the process of IVF and childbirth. A little exercise is required for a smooth pregnancy and also balancing the BMI. But when it comes to excessive exercise it can cause many problems. Mild exercise also has some rules or specific basics to follow, such as what type of exercises to do, which part of the body should not involve too much. You can take the help of affordable and advanced IVF treatment Delhi facilities to get in-depth information. Common basics of exercise are:

  • Be in your comfort zone, do not cross the line where you are feeling discomfort and continuing to exercise. Also, do not perform any exercises out of your routine. After the process of infection starts, you should avoid doing cardiovascular exercises.
  • There are certain stages of IVF treatment when you need to avoid exercising completely. The duration in which you need to avoid exercises can stretch up to 10 weeks. This is more important for women related to sports or athletes. You need to stop doing activities for 2 weeks before the retrieval of eggs.
  • Focus on exercises that require less stress such as walking, water aerobics, yoga, light hand weights, Tai Chi, light stretching, etc. You can visit the IVF center in Noida to know more light exercises.


Exercising plays a crucial role in IVF treatment as well as pregnancy. Keep the above-mentioned information in mind if you are thinking of IVF treatment.

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