What are the functions of the In Vitro Specialist?

Among the capabilities of the human body occurred in human body infertility is considered the most unlucky one. There are several reasons behind becoming infertile of both male and female. In India, married females have to face several social harassments and psychological pain due to infertility than males. So, after recognizing the problem of infertility the married couple needs to consult with the gynecologist and IVF specialist to be able to give birth to a baby.

An IVF specialist is a type of gynecologist who helps infertile patients from identifying the reason for infertility to help them in each step of giving birth to a baby. Here the functions of the Infertility specialists are provided below:


When a married couple visits a gynecologist due to the infertility problem, the primary function of the doctor is to gather information about the lifestyle, food habits and the history of the couples. From analyzing this information a gynecologist can understand the real reason behind the infertility of the couples. Often it is found that during the infertility of the male the woman can not able to conceive. So, finding the reason is the primary function of a gynecologist or in vitro specialist.

Method decision 

After analyzing the reasons the next step is deciding on the treatment method of infertility. In this stage, the couple has given the choice of deciding the treatment method between surrogacy and test tube baby according to the parent’s health condition. After deciding the method the treatment process is started.

IVF process

After deciding the methods if the parents choose the test tube baby option then the function of the In Vitro specialist starts properly. The parents are advised to take the suggestion of the best in vitro specialist nearby. Among the top in vitro specialists, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour is considered to be the best in India. The processes of the IVFs are mentioned below:

  1. The first step of IVF is taking the medication so that the eggs of the mother’s body become mature and able to fertilize.
  2. The second step is taking the eggs out of the body and by the doctor and mixing them with the sperm in a lab to fertilize.
  3. In the third stage, the doctor puts the fertilized eggs to the uterus of the mother so that the pregnancy comes to the mother.
  4. In case the mother is unable to carry the eggs in the uterus then the doctor puts the egg in the uterus of a surrogate mother.

Emotional support

During the entire pregnancy stage and also before the pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby, the doctors must provide psychological and emotional support to the patient parents.

So, from identifying the reason behind infertility to solve it by making able to give birth to the baby the function of the in vitro fertilization specialist remains. Moreover, they provide mental strength to the patient’s parent from beginning to the process to the end.

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