Top Benefits of Surrogacy for Intended Parents


One of the most significant advantages of surrogacy is that it allows people to start families when there may not have been one before. Surrogacy treatment provides intending parents with the opportunity to have the genetically related kid they’ve always desired and to realise a long-held ambition of theirs. Surrogates have the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals who use their services to assist those parents who have that child.

Benefits of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

The benefits of surrogacy may be unclear to intended parents who are weighing their options for starting a family, especially if they have alternative options for forming a family (for example, through adoption). However, for all intended parents, there is a significant benefit that other procedures may not be able to supply – a kid who is genetically linked to you and hence your partner or spouse. The majority of the time, this is why intended parents choose to go through the surrogacy procedure.

Although the potential of having a biological child is a significant advantage for intending parents, there are other advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • To overcome infertility or an inability to have children: Many intended parents who choose surrogacy do so. They are battling infertility, whether it is due to genetics because they are a same-sex couple who cannot have children on their own or because they are single and want to start a family. The despair and social shame associated with infertility may be devastating, which is why surrogacy provides parents with a chance to overcome these obstacles and have biological children successfully.
  • Raising a child from birth:Surrogacy provides intended parents with the opportunity to raise their kids from the time they are born and participate actively in the pregnancy itself. Not all adoptions may provide the same benefits as others.
  • Being involved every step of the way:Intended parents have the opportunity to participate in every stage of their surrogate pregnancy, from embryo transfer through the delivery of their child. It is in this manner that intending parents might get a new perspective on the pregnancy process, which they may not have previously imagined possible.
  • Building a special relationship with the surrogate:Even though surrogacy is considered a commercial transaction, it is much more to intended parents and surrogates. When intended parents discover more about their surrogate and her family throughout the surrogacy procedure, they are more likely to create an intimate attachment with her.
  • Possibility of facing fewer restrictions:Some surrogacy organisations may be more permissive than adoption agencies when it comes to some intended parent limitations, such as age limits for intended parents.
  • Knowing a surrogate can successfully carry a pregnancy: The medical histories of all surrogates are rigorously checked to ensure that their prior pregnancies were trouble-free and that their medical history would not interfere with their ability to serve as surrogate mothers. The likelihood of a successful embryo transfer in surrogacy is greater than a successful embryo transfer in IVF therapies.
  • Having control and peace of mind:While IVF procedures and adoptions might leave intended parents feeling powerless as they embark on their parental path, surrogacy allows them to be engaged from the very beginning of the process.

The benefits of surrogacy for intended parents may vary depending on their circumstances. Thus it is recommended that all intended parents discuss their choice in-depth with a surrogacy expert, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, before deciding whether or not this approach is suitable for them.

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Surrogacy allows couples who are childless the opportunity to have a biological child of their own. As a result, it has proven to be a viable option for many couples ready to become parents.

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