Surrogacy Vs Adoption

Adoption and surrogacy are meant to achieve parenthood for childless couples. However, while they share many similarities, there are also many differences to take into account when comparing adoption and surrogacy. Each has its own unique process, benefits, and challenges, and it is up to each growing family to consider all of the factors as they decide which path to parenthood is right for them. Surrogacy Cost in Delhi

Surrogacy vs Adoption

Surrogacy Vs Adoption: Assessment

The following are some factors to compare between Surrogacy and Adoption:

  • Biological Relation

In adoption, the birth mother is the biological mother of her child. The couple who adopts the child is not biologically related to the child. On the other hand, the surrogacy process allows one or both intended parents to be the genetic parents of their child. This makes surrogacy a popular choice for prospective parents who feel strongly about maintaining a genetic link to their children.

  • Cost and Expenses

Surrogacy and adoption both include various expenses including program and agency fees. But in surrogacy, medical expenses for medical tests, IVF and embryo transfer process are very high. In addition to these costs, most surrogates are compensated by intended parents for the time, energy, and sacrifices they make throughout the pregnancy. It makes surrogacy significantly more expensive than adoption and inaccessible for low-income couples.

  • Matching Way

It is ultimately up to the birth mother to choose the family with whom she wants to place her baby. In surrogacy, the matching process tends to be more mutual, in which, intended parents will have an opportunity to pick from profiles of prospective surrogates whose plans and goals match their own.

  • Social Aspect

There goes immense respect to the couples, who think over themselves and society and opt for adoption but in many countries, the time taken for adoption is long and tedious. The best thing about adoption is that it gives a dignified and respected life to a child, who otherwise, would have struggled to have a decent life but the big drawback of adoption is that baby is genetically not related to parents.

  • Medical Risks

Surrogacy involves a planned pregnancy achieved through complex medical procedures that are not involved in adoption. There is no stress on the mother to undergo a risky & challenging pregnancy in adoption but a smooth adoption.

  • Child Health

Surrogacy is the secure procedure regarding the health issues of the baby as it is a planned process that contains healthy eggs or sperm, which is fertilized in the lab, and the embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s body. The complete process is done under the keen observation of specialists. But in adoption, the adopted child may have gone through any physical or mental trauma in past. So, a child’s health can not be predicted in case of adoption.

  • Time Duration

Basically, surrogacy is a long and complex process as it involves several steps from initial medical tests to delivery of the child. Even though the best thing about Surrogacy is that in this procedure, legal documents are already signed and no legal complications occur later. In the case of adoption, time is not spent on the medical process but may involve more legal complications and time duration for the legal process because of various adoption rules by the government.


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