Read More About The Services Provided By An Andrologist In Delhi

Andrologist is a urologist who focuses entirely on the treatment of male fertility and sexuality. Andrology is that branch of medicine which is concerned with male infertility and sexual dysfunction. It deals with the problem of the male reproductive system and urological problems unique to men.

The services provided by an andrologista.

Testing For Retrograde Ejaculationaa

This test is done when semen volume is low or absent. Retrograde ejaculation is a condition where sperms are released into man’s bladder at the time of orgasm. Urine is collected to test for retrograde ejaculation. It is collected to examine the presence of sperm.

Diagnostic Semen Analysis

For evaluating a man’s fertility potential semen analysis is usually done. This analysis assesses the quality and quantity of semen produced during ejaculation. A complete semen analysis evaluates the sperm within the seminal fluid (viability, motility, count, morphology) and also describes the seminal fluid (viscosity, volume, pH, color, liquefaction).

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing

The quality of DNA in the sperm is tested with this specialized test. In this test, the measurement is taken of the amount of fragmented DNA within sperm cells. High amounts of DNA fragmentation show a reduced ability of sperm to fertilize an egg. It can also affect the quality of the fertilized eggs in some cases.

Fertility Preservation (Sperm Banking)

Fertility preservation option is for them who are not yet ready and want to become a father later or are suffering from diseases which damage or depletes their sperm. It is also for people who are about to undergo radiation treatments for cancer, people who are to undergo surgery that can affect future fertility, men with decreased sperm counts due to illness, men who are about to undergo a sex-change operation.

Sperm Aneuploidy Testing

Sperm cells have usually 23 chromosomes and if a sperm cell has more or fewer chromosomes then this condition is called sperm aneuploidy. A high rate of sperm aneuploidy can interfere with successful pregnancy. Through this test, you can get to know the actual percentage of sperm with unusual numbers of chromosomes.

Urologist diagnoses and treat diseases related to the urinary tract in both women and men. They diagnose diseases related to the reproductive tract in men. Urology is that field of medicine that sheds light on the disease related to the male reproductive tract or the urinary tract.

Male fertility is an important thing as it helps to build up a family. Everyone wants to have their own family at some point of time. Male fertility can be maintained by doing exercise, taking vitamin C supplements, minimizing stress and last by living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Vishal Dutt Gour is a well-known urological surgeon treating people with infertility. He has a great reputation in this field and has 21 years of experience. If you are looking for the best surgeon who can treat your infertility problem then he is the one. He is the consultant urologist and male fertility specialist at the reputed SCI International Hospital. He is an MBBS, MS in general surgery and M.Ch in urology.

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