Know Why You Should Visit to an IVF Clinic

While planning pregnancy, you may face some challenges. If you are unable to conceive, it is time to visit a fertility clinic. IVF clinics help singles or couples during pregnancy. The specialists are there to help anyone dealing with infertility issues. These clinics also treat other conditions. Fertility clinics that provide treatments like IVF have vast options for you. You cannot prevent infertility issues, so you need the guidance of a specialist. You should visit Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, the best female fertility doctor in Delhi.

Reasons to see a fertility specialist

Visit the best IVF clinic in Delhi to overcome your fertility problems such as:

  • Trying to conceive for more than a year: When you both are ready to have a child but unable to conceive, especially if the woman is under 35 years and has been trying to conceive for over a year, a fertility specialist is needed to help you understand the issue and go through IVF. Find the best IVF doctors in Delhi and infertility doctors in Delhi to get treated.
  • You are over 35 years: With age, the number and quality of eggs in women drop. Suppose you have been trying for six months. Then you need to consult an IVF clinic. Over 40 years old, the risk of failed pregnancy gets high.
  • Had two or more miscarriages: When the chromosomes of sperm or egg are wrong in number, it causes miscarriage. There can be other problems, too, so to be aware of that, you should visit a fertility specialist.
  • Your male counterpart suffers from erectile dysfunction: There are male fertility specialists for this treatment. Visit an IVF clinic, as it is one of the major reasons you cannot conceive. Do not feel ashamed because of this. Visit the best fertility centre in Delhi for males.
  • You have irregular menstruation, no period or heavy bleeding: Any ovulation disorder can cause irregularities. If there is no ovulation, then you won’t have periods. You can even experience bleeding between two menstruation cycles. For any of these problems, it’s highly recommended to contact a specialist. Any specialist at a fertility clinic in Delhi can help you.
  • You or your partner has a history of STDS: STDs can cause infection or inflammation. In women, the infection spreads in the uterus, which prevents fertilization properly in women. In men, the condition can lower the sperm count, function and mobility. Finding the best gynecologist in Delhi NCR is crucial for this.
  • You have a chronic medical condition: Having a chronic condition means you are in touch with a specialist. However, if it affects conceiving, you should contact a fertility specialist. In case your mother has menopause before time. Or you had cancer. Then you should see a specialist.
  • You have endometriosis: Scarred tissue or adhesion due to endometriosis can lead to infertility. Repeated procedures in the pelvic area of a woman lead to infertility issues. Removal of scar tissue and treatments like IVF can provide outcomes in pregnancy. Visit an IVF clinic in Delhi or a fertility clinic in Delhi to help you with the procedure.


Web searches can get you an idea of the budget for IVF treatment. If needed, you can save and then proceed with IVF treatments.

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