How Obesity can affect IVF Success Rates & How to Manage the Same

It is quite obvious that you would certainly want to plan for a baby after a few years of marriage, but your fertility plays a crucial role in knowing about whether you can get pregnant or not. Certain factors are necessary to be considered, which are significant when planning for a baby. You have to be aware of the foods that you consume in your daily diet such as the amount of caffeine contained items consumed, healthy food items that you are consuming daily, alcohol and last but not the least the exercise regimen that you follow to keep yourself healthy. When you are planning for pregnancy, you will also have to be aware of your body weight since it helps in influencing the success rates. As a result of which obesity affects the success rates of IVF.

You should be aware of the fact that when it comes to pregnancy, body weight does matter. If you are overweight, then it will certainly affect your pregnancy as well. Obesity has become one of the thriving epidemics and millions of people are becoming a victim of it. It also plays a significant role in carrying out the entire term of pregnancy. 

Obesity affects hormones

Being overweight and even obese can cause a lot of problems and among them, the most prevalent one is it affects hormones. If your body mass index is more than the normal range of twenty-five to twenty-nine, then you certainly fall in the obese category. This might cause major hormonal changes in your body. If the natural levels of hormone increase in your body, then it will affect your fertility and you will face issues with conceiving. 

Causes insulin resistance

Hormonal imbalance in your body mostly occurs due to obesity, which eventually causes insulin resistance. It is one of the biggest factors behind the cause of obesity. Also, it will affect your fertility and cause problems in your menstrual cycle. Apart from that, insulin resistance also gives rise to anovulation. This is a condition where eggs will not be produced by your body. It has become a serious issue among women these days.  

Decreases partner’s fertility

Even though the complete focus is given to women when it comes to infertility and obesity, but it affects men as well. Obesity in men causes a drop in the testosterone level that leads to infertility. Apart from that erectile dysfunction is high among men, especially those who are overweight. 

How weight management can be done to increase fertility

Weight management is the only solution to get rid of the problem of infertility. Various ways are there for reducing weight following which you can maintain a healthy weight that will put an end to infertility issues. 

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is important since it helps in maintaining your weight, which in turn will reduce the problem of infertility both among men as well as women. Weight management is the only way when it comes to getting rid of the problem. 

Exclude carbs from your diet

Avoiding sugar and sweetened foods or drinks is yet another major reason behind the weight gain issues. Apart from that exclusion of carbohydrates as well as starches are also useful in maintaining the correct weight.

These are some ways by which obesity is affecting fertility in both men and women and as a result, the success rates of IVF are increasing due to this reason. Also, weight management is important since it brings improvement in the condition.

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