Does Cell Phone Affect Fertility in Men?

Fertility in Men

With the enhancement of technology, the use of cell phones, laptops, and wireless equipment such as routers or modems has increased tremendously. A new advancement in mobile telecom technology is 5G (5th Generation) and there are lots of studies going around its effect on human health. All electronic equipment emits an extensive amount of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) that is hazardous for the human body and fertility organs are no exception. For any infertility-related inquiry, contact SCI IVF Hospital – the best infertility clinic in Delhi NCR.


Effects of Cell Phones on Semen

The effects of electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones are unclear as only a few studies conducted on this topic. The exact reason is not known but one cause of infertility in men is the impact of environmental toxins. The measure of fertility in the male is healthy sperms present in the semen. However, some studies show a significant amount and exposure to radiation can mingle with male reproductive organs by thermal or non-thermal mechanisms.


A study is done on the 30 samples of semen. Some part of each sample was kept under the EM radiation to the level emitted by the cell phones and some part was kept away from the radiation. Both types of samples were compared after some weeks and the following results were propagated.

  • Sperms in the samples, kept under the radiation, demonstrated reduced motility and structural anomalies. It is evident by the research that men who always keep their mobile phones around or in their pockets may experience a 30% drop in sperm count.
  • Radiation has increased the reactive oxygen species in the sample and increased oxidative stress.
  • EMR can affect male testicle functionality, hamper the endocrine mechanism, and reduce sperm production. These results largely depend on the duration of using the mobile phone.
  • Since reproductive organs are delicate to radiation and heat, long-term exposure to EMR radiation may affect the amount of testosterone. Sometimes, even if the level of testosterone is high, the level of LH (Luteinising Hormone) secreted by the pituitary gland, reduces.


Protected Measures to Prevent the Effects of EM Radiation

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour – the best gynecologist in Delhi NCR suggests the following tips to lessen the impact of EM radiation on male fertility.

  • Men who are at the edge of infertility due to aging factors or any other physical reason must limit their usage of mobile phones to escape from exposure to EMF radiation.
  • Men should refrain from keeping the cell phones inside their pocket of trousers as in this position the phone will be at most vicinity to the testicle. By keeping the cell phones for a long time into the pocket, the thermal effect of the phone can reach the testicles (a male fertility organ) and reduces the quality of semen.
  • It is suggested to carry cell phones in a bag or a case to prevent direct contact with radiation thus minimizing its impact.
  • Some supplements such as Vitamin C and E are found to be effective in reducing the radiation impact on the testes.


Experts explain that electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones have a dual action on male hormone levels and fertility. Read the full article here:

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