Crucial Things to Know About IVF before Starting the Treatment

The fertility problem is one of the big issues in modern life. It prevents couples from conceiving a baby naturally. But the good thing is that there are many treatments available that help to become parents with fertility problems. Many female infertility clinics in India offer the best treatment at an affordable price.

While these treatments are very helpful to fulfill the dream of having a complete family, they come with different success rates and options. Each of them is very different from another in terms of the treatment process. Among all of them, IVF has a very high success rate along with an affordable cost. Here are some crucial things about IVF that you need to know.

Age is important

Age is one of the first thighs that you need to keep in mind before choosing IVF treatment for being a parent. You need to know that the success rate of this treatment depends on the age. If the woman is young and the age is near 20, then the rate of success is very high. The rate starts to go down with increased age and it becomes very low after 40-45. This happens mostly because the number of eggs in the ovaries starts to decrease with increasing age. The fertility of men is more stable than women but with time the sperm count also starts to decrease. So, if you are thinking of doing the IVF treatment, then it is better to visit the best IVF hospital in Delhi NCR for the treatment.

Get a health checkup

Before planning for an IVF treatment, you need to be sure about your health conditions. A health check-up is very important as it plays a vital role in the treatment. Having a good health condition can increase the success rate of IVF. There are many different ways to stay healthy, but the common ones include lowering alcohol intake, having a good weight, and quitting tobacco. Also, you need to keep all the conditions like blood sugar or blood pressure under control before starting the treatment. Visit Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour to get more information about it.

It is a long process

You need to be prepared before starting the process to wait for the result. Many couples lose their patience and make wrong decisions often because of the long period of this process. As the IVF treatment contains many different steps and the fertilization process of the egg in the lab is long, this treatment process is lengthy. The whole process of this treatment can take more than 4-5 weeks. You can know about the detailed steps of this process by visiting the SCI IVF clinic.

Frozen embryos are good

While there are many different theories out there, researchers believe that frozen embryos are just as good as fresh eggs. They have a better chance of surviving in the treatment process compared to the normal eggs.

These are some of the most crucial things that you need to know before starting the treatment.

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