Crucial Steps of In-Vitro Fertilization Treatment

For many different reasons, sometimes parents are unable to conceive a baby naturally. It has been a very common problem for many years. Compared to past times, things have changed very much now. There are many different procedures available that help these couples to become pregnant and give them hope.

One of the most common among all the treatments is the IVF. It comes with the best success rate for parents to have a child. This treatment process also helps to prevent any type of genetic problem. The cost of IVF treatment in Delhi is also very affordable. Compared to the cost of other fertility treatments, for example, test tube baby cost in Delhi.

Steps of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

The treatment process of IVF contains many different steps and a long time. Here are the steps of the IVF process are given below. You can visit Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour to know more about IVF treatment and do it.

First Step:

IVF treatment starts from the first day of your period before the process. As many women face difficulty identifying the 1st day, the doctor and nurses will help you.

Step Two:

This step is known very well as the stimulation step that helps to increase the production of eggs. Normally, the monthly cycle contains only 1 egg. You will be required to take medication for more than 8-15 days to increase the egg count for increased chances of pregnancy. It will be either medication or injection according to your body to boost the production. While it is very hard to take 1-2 per day, it becomes a habit after some days with the help of a doctor and partner. Doctors keep a close look at ovaries to monitor the development with the help of ultrasounds and blood tests. Visit the fertility specialists to know the IVF cost in Delhi.

Step Three:

In this step, the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries for further process. The procedure takes around 25-30 minutes and doctors give you anesthetic to keep you asleep throughout the process. They use ultrasound technology and other technologies to guide the needle in the ovary. This is where the experience of a specialist comes in play to detect the egg that is impossible to see in the naked eyes. They take the egg out from the follicles and collect between 8-15 eggs.

Step Four:

If you are thinking of using the sperm of the partner, then you will need to submit it in the morning of the egg retrieval process. You can also use donor sperm, which is available in the laboratory. Doctors and scientists check the sperm very well and keep it ready in the lab to mix with the egg. Despite the long process, the IVF cost in Delhi is very affordable.

Step five:

In this step, the doctor will mix the egg with sperm and fertilize it. After the fertilization process, it becomes the embryo. It was kept in the lab for 5-6 days for fertilization before putting them back in the uterus. The cost of this process is much cheaper compared to the test tube baby cost in Delhi.

These are the steps of the In Vitro Fertilization process for a successful treatment.

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