Benefits of Yoga to Cure Infertility

Benefits of Yoga to Cure Infertility

Infertility has become a very common problem these days due to the fast-pacing lifestyle, consuming unhealthy food, and stress. In males, stress reduces sperm count and motility. There are a lot of treatments available to treat infertility in men. One of the most effective natural therapies is the ancient practice of yoga. Yoga relaxes the body and decreases cortisol, the stress-causing hormone. Studies show that regular yoga increases the flow of blood to the reproductive organs and enhances sexual health.


Benefits of Yoga to Cure Infertility

Infertility in males is caused by the inability to either produce sperm or ejaculate semen. Both cases are driven by either hormonal imbalance or a blockage in the tube. Yoga is a physical and mental activity that disciplines the body and tends to push the body parts to function appropriately. Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour – the best IVF doctor in Delhi advises a regular practice of yoga for the following benefits to cure infertility.

  • Due to stress, a person may lose interest in sexual activities or may face erectile dysfunction. Yoga reduces the stress level and helps to maintain mental health.
  • Yoga is a form of workout that helps in eliminating pollutants from the gastral, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems.
  • Muscle compression and expansion during yoga helps in blood flow and eliminates any lymph in the muscles of the sexual organs.


Yoga Poses to Enhance Male Fertility

Each yoga posture concentrates on reviving a specific part of the body. The yoga pose that stimulates the lower part of the body is the best for male fertility.

  • Kumbhakasana: This is similar to the basic plank posture that tones your abdominal muscles and stimulates testis to produce the best quality sperms.
  • Dhanurasana: This yoga is an imitation of an archer’s bow. This pose is beneficial for back muscles and reduces fatigue and anxiety. It also promotes sexual organs and abdominal muscles to perform efficiently. It helps in increasing semen volume, thus increases the sperm count.
  • Halasana: In the plow posture, the body is inverted below the shoulders, thus the blood distributes efficiently towards the pelvic area and helps in improving fertility.
  • SalambaSarvangasana: In the shoulder stand position, the body is inverted upside down, based on the shoulder. It increases blood flow towards the brain, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, cleanses the brain, and reduces anxiety. It is also helpful in maintaining the health of the thyroid gland.
  • Nauka Asana: This yoga is an imitation of the boat. This yoga firms the abs and hip flexors. It stretches the torso and provides core strength. This pose stimulates the prostate gland, thus improves sexual health.
  • Paschimottanasana: This is performed by sitting and bending forward. It can improve the digestive system and mental health. It helps in reducing erectile dysfunction.


All these yoga poses have various health benefits. But it cannot do magic overnight. Adopting yoga practices continuously in your lifestyle can only help for a visible benefit to male fertility. Yoga is also recommended in combination with other infertility treatments to increase the chances of conceiving. For medical help to cure infertility, contact SCI IVF Hospital – the best infertility clinic in Delhi NCR.

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