About Infertility? Have a Look at the Male and Female Infertility

Infertility is a problem faced by the couple when they are unable to get pregnant even after having unprotected sex. Now there can be several reasons for infertility and both the male as well as female can be responsible for the same. Sometimes a woman may have issues and this can become a reason of not getting pregnant. In a few cases even men can face internal issues and go through infertility problems. That is why it is necessary to get yourself diagnosed to understand what went wrong. Once the root cause is before you, it becomes slightly easy to begin with the treatment and put an end to male or female infertility. 

Female infertility

If any woman is having any kind of disorder or internal problems related to the reproductive system, she is bound to suffer from infertility. No matter how healthy your male partner may be but in case there is an issue in female things will not work. Now there are different kinds of infertility issues like no uterus, PCOS, ovarian cyst, ovulation disorder, weak uterus, fibroids and many more. Any one or more factors can lead to infertility. The reason of such issues may be their lifestyle, smoking habits, alcohol, overweight, mental stress etc.

In this case, proper diagnosis and tests need to be done to reach to any conclusion. Blood tests, ultrasounds, pelvic examination etc are some of the ways to find out the cause of infertility and begin with its treatment. Medications are best way to combat infertility. Doctor will suggest you to have intercourse frequency and close to the ovulation time. IVF is yet another option that is open before the infertile couples. So the treatment will depend a lot on the cause of the infertility. 

Male infertility

Even the male partner can be responsible for not being healthy enough to contribute towards the pregnancy. Low sperm count; less semen, no ejaculation etc are some of the reason as why the efforts are not resulting into positive pregnancy. Finding out the root cause of male infertility is easy as there are fewer tests like semen analysis etc that can help you. So get in touch with your doctor and they will carry out complete diagnosis and let you know what the problem is. Medicines, surgeries etc are some options open before you to treat your male infertility.

No matter whether it is the male or the female infertility, guidance of a specialist is very necessary. Therefore it is necessary to rely on a trusted infertility expert who can help you with the same. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour is the best infertility expert who has taken up several cases of infertility and solved them successfully. If you too wish to enjoy parenthood, then why not seek the appointment and discuss your case. Dr Shivani Gour will definitely assist you in how you can overcome infertility and what are the treatments you can go for.

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