Common Myths About IVF You Often Hear About

Common Myths About IVF

For those who struggle with infertility, IVF is one of the most effective approaches to fulfilling their dream of having a child. Since IVF has been so effective, an increasing number of couples are interested in learning about the procedure. Getting treatment from a reputable fertility clinic in Delhi ensures successful outcomes. Despite its extensive use, several myths are wandering around.

The following are some of the myths related to IVF treatment.

Myth 1: IVF Results in Multiple Births

IVF is the only fertility method that allows patients to choose how many embryos to implant. Generally, IVF clinics advise single embryo transfers because they improve the likelihood that an IVF cycle will be successful. There is an increased risk of miscarriage, challenging labour, and early delivery with several embryo transfers. There is a widespread misconception that transplanting more than one embryo enhances the likelihood of success.

 Myth 2: IVF Increases Your Chance of Getting Cancer

Scientific studies show that having IVF or any other infertility therapy does not significantly raise your risk of breast or ovarian cancer. This IVF myth persists because the medications commonly used to produce multiple mature eggs alter progesterone and estrogen levels.

It’s also critical to remember that infertility is frequently associated with breast or ovarian cancer, whether or not you get infertility therapy. Additionally, there is no connection between ovarian cancer risk and IVF or any other form of infertility treatment; however, genetic factors associated with infertility can increase that risk.

Myth 3: IVF Is Your Only Available Option

There are various types of infertility cases, each requiring a different approach. You’re mistaken if you think the only choice for childless couples, is IVF. Problems include fallopian tube blockages, autoimmune diseases, and underactive thyroids are routinely treated with medication. Under these conditions, IVF is not required.

Because many couples have many different factors influencing their fertility, treatment is highly customized. Let your IVF doctors in Delhi prescribe the best course of action, depending on your circumstance.

Myth 4: IVF Is a Painful Procedure

IVF is not a painful treatment. A technologically advanced pen is used to administer the injectable drug needed throughout the IVF process. Additionally, the patient is rendered unconscious throughout the egg retrieval procedure. IVF, therefore, involves no pain.

The entire IVF treatment in Delhi is relatively painless and comfortable.

Myth 5: IVF Is a Very Expensive Treatment

Yes, IVF used to be a costly operation. However, technological advancements have made things a lot simpler and more economical. An IVF procedure cost in Delhi typically ranges between INR 1,00,000 and INR 3,50,000.

Myth 6: Failure in One IVF Cycle Means Failure in All Future Attempts

Even if an IVF cycle fails for any reason, it does not necessarily mean that a patient will never be able to conceive. It is essential to comprehend the cause to alter therapy and guarantee the success of subsequent trials. There are several cases of patients becoming pregnant after 4-5 IVF cycles. To ensure a successful outcome from the procedure, choose the best fertility clinic in Delhi.

Myth 7: Only Infertile Couples Can Choose IVF

A couple can choose IVF even if they are not infertile. There’s no denying that IVF is a procedure that helps a woman who can’t conceive naturally, but women don’t have to be infertile to adopt this method of reproduction.

If one partner has a genetic disorder that could harm the baby’s health, a couple may choose IVF treatment in Delhi. It is feasible to avoid pregnancy termination owing to genetic abnormalities by utilizing a laser to collect a few cells for genetic testing.

The Bottom Line

IVF is a common and effective technique for couples struggling with infertility. IVF has brought joy and hopes to many couples suffering from infertility all around the world. However, because of several myths, couples fear getting treatment. If you are considering IVF treatment, you should choose the best fertility centre in Delhi.

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