IVF Success Tips by Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour

In Vitro fertilization gives people with infertility issues a chance at pregnancy and thus is one of the most sought out treatment for people trying for a child. Though IVF increases the chances at pregnancy, it is quite expensive and also the chances of getting pregnant using IVF is one in three people going through IVF. Thus it is important that if you are investing your time, money and emotions into IVF, then you take a bit extra care to make your IVF treatment a success.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, from SCIIVF Hospital, who is listed among the top gynecologist and IVF specialist in the capital city, has shared a few tips to make your IVF treatment a success.

  • SEARCH FOR THE CORRECT IVF CLINIC – A good IVF clinic plays the most important role in making your IVF process a success. With the guidance of well qualified and experienced fertility expert, supportive IVF team and a good lab where the embryo will grow, you will have a great chance at making your IVF a success.
  • SEMEN ANALYSIS – Most of the time, during an IVF process, all the concentration is on the female body. However, it is really important that the semen quality of the male is analyzed properly. Sperm count in the semen can change over time and may be analyzed before taking the sperms for IVF process.
  • NO EJACULATION BEFORE IVF – Men who are going to donate the sperms for the use in IVF should try to not ejaculate or indulge in any sexual activity for a few days prior to the day of donating their sperms as it will help in increase of sperm counts. Higher the sperm count, higher the chances of a successful IVF.
  • COUNSELING – For successfully conceiving a child, only your physical health is not enough. Your mental state should be healthy as well. Many times, the people who are unable to conceive for quite some time get so disappointed that their mind set up a few blockers. It is important for you to take a help from a good counselor who will help you get down those blockers, so that you can conceive through IVF.
  • AVOID ALCOHOL, SMOKE, AND CAFFEINE – Alcohol, Smoke and Caffeine should be strictly avoided when planning for pregnancy and also while during the pregnancy as these three are very detrimental to the health of the developing fetus. A little caffeine can be taken in a very little amount but it will be good for you if you skip it altogether.
  • HEALTHY FOOD AND LOTS OF REST – you should make a note of your eating habits and start including healthy food rich in vitamins and good fat. Good fats are said to boost the chances of getting pregnant through IVF procedure. Taking a proper amount of rest is also crucial to increase your chances at conceiving. Your body needs to be healthy both physically and mentally and proper rest makes sure of that.

According to Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, these are the few points that if followed properly, may increase the chances of a successful IVF. However, if you have any concern and doubts, you can always reach out to her for her expert advice.

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