How Does the Procedure of Surrogacy Go About?

There are many surrogacy clinics available in India but if you want to choose the best one how would go about it. Whether you are completing gestational or just a traditional surrogacy, you will have to work closely with the chosen surrogacy clinic for completing this medical process. So, you should know some of the things like what is surrogacy, what can be a good surrogacy center in India, what is legalized, etc.

There are so many moving parts that are involved in creating a surrogate pregnancy, all the intended parents and the surrogates rendering the wombs should be very comfortable all through the process of surrogacy. In most cases, the intended parents already have a relationship with the fertility clinics even before they pursue the process.

However, there are so many intended parents as well as surrogates who have not yet worked with the fertility clinics and know nothing about the process, the concept, what exactly these clinics do, and what is the Surrogacy Cost in Delhi.

Let us begin with clearing the doubts here:

What services do Surrogacy Clinics Offer?

A number of fertility clinics offer the service of surrogacy also. There are medical professionals that help the intended parents diagnose the issues of fertility that they may have and then offer them fertility treatment like in-vitro fertilization. When the intended parents fail to get any results from the treatments they receive like the In-Vitro fertilization, they choose a better alternative which is surrogacy. The process involves the following.

Medical Screening in the Beginning:

A surrogate mother willing to render her womb has to undergo thorough medical screening. This will ensure that she is physically prepared for the surrogacy process. The process can involve blood tests, saline sonograms, and similar other procedures. The intended parents should also have undergone medical testing for creating embryos. They have to undergo the process of screening to ensure that they are able to create healthy embryos with eggs and sperms. There are certain surrogacy clinics that offer psychological testing during this time also.

Retrieval of the Gametes and IVF Process:

Once the intended parents and the surrogates are cleared medically, they will be guided through the in vitro fertilization process which includes everything right from preparing the intended mother for harvesting eggs, to syncing up their cycle with the cycle of the surrogate mother, and more.

Testing of Pregnancy:

Once the embryo is transferred successfully to the uterus of the surrogate mother, her blood will be tested to check the hormone level and to confirm the pregnancy. This is a more in-depth process than just the process followed at home.

Most of the gestational surrogacy follow this process but it may differ slightly in your case depending on the requirement of sperms, eggs or embryos. It is good to speak to the surrogacy clinic first. You can talk to Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour who has years of experience in dealing with the process.

If you are looking forward to finding the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi or elsewhere, you need to conduct thorough online research. Find out whether the clinic has an existing relationship with the gamete banks so that if you need to use egg, embryo, or sperm during the surgical process, you can find it easily.

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