Breaking Infertility Myths: Fact Checks

Infertility is the physical incapability of not conceiving. While in medical science, it is just like any other disease where a body part may not function appropriately, infertility is considered complex and confusing by society.

Sinceinfertility is a reproductive disorder and discussing it is considered taboo, people generally believe in prevailing myths without checking the facts. Medical science has progressed so much over the years in terms of new equipment and technology. But people still believe in these myths that resist them to take any treatment of infertility.

The following are some dominant myths about infertility and the fact checks.

Myth 1: Infertility only happens to women; men cannot be infertile.

Truth: Infertility is not gender-specific, it can happen to either males or females. In fact, in half of the cases of infertility, males are diagnosed with deficiencies in sperm transport or spermatogenesis.

Myth 2: Infertility is all in your mind; it is not a physical disorder.

Truth: Infertility is not a psychological problem; it is a real and physicalinability. Infertility is a condition, where the couple fails to conceive due to any issue in the reproductive system or sometimes due to unexplained reasons. Stress and physiological issues are some of the various reasons for not conceiving. But just relaxing and becoming stress-free cannot cure infertility. In reality, it is a bodily inability that requires to be treated by medical professionals. SCI IVF HOSPITAL – Best Infertility Clinic in Delhi NCR can help you in infertility treatment.

Myth 3: Infertility is a curse.

Truth: Infertility is not a curse. Not conceiving a baby naturally does not mean that you cannot become a parent.Infertility is just the physical inability like any other disease and can be treated.

Myth 4: Age has nothing to do with infertility.

Truth: Fertility changes with age, it is not age resistant. Both males and females become fertile in their teens as puberty strikes.Fertility gradually declines with age, particularly after age 35. Though one can still conceive but need extra trying as egg quality in females and sperm count in males decreases as age increases.

Myth 5: Infertility is not an issue after first baby.

Truth:A couple can face an infertility issue even after having the first child. Infertility is defined as the inability of conceiving after twelve months of regular unprotected sex. Any physical condition such as uterine or fallopian tubal damage, endometriosis, or age factor may cause infertility in the future even after having the first baby.

Myth 6: Infertility treatments are painful.

Truth:Infertility treatments such as IVF and IUI are not painful at all. During any of the stages of treatment, women may feel normal crams and abdominal pressure. That is normal because this type of discomfort also happens in a natural pregnancy. These days, with the advanced medical instruments and availability of medication, infertility treatments have become safer. A dedicated team of doctors in SCI IVF HOSPITAL provides the best IVF treatment in Delhi.

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