The Role of the Gynecologist in Resolving Infertility Issues

Nowadays, female infertility is a frequent issue because it makes it difficult for most women to get pregnant. This is described as trying to get pregnant for a year with multiple sexes without protection attempts and having no luck. This condition prevents your pregnancy. As it involves numerous aspects, female infertility is challenging to detect. The top gynecologist in Delhi will determine the best treatment for you based on the cause of your infertility. With the assistance of IVF treatment, many infertile couples nowadays may resume their everyday lives. 

How does a gynecologist address infertility problems?

A gynecologist is a type of physician that specializes in treating diseases that impact the female reproductive system. The professional will question your medical history and may also perform a physical examination to diagnose infertility issues. Women may undergo tests to determine the hormone levels in their blood and the efficiency of their ovaries.

A gynecologist can assist in overcoming various infertility problems and achieving better results with the assistance of the most effective IVF treatment in Delhi. A gynecologist can perform the following procedures to lower the risk of specific infertility problems.

  1. Any patient who is naturally infertile or has a greater risk of becoming infertile may be given the option to undergo an infertility examination.
  2. When trying to get pregnant for six months without success, or earlier if clinically necessary, women over the age of 36 should have an advanced assessment and treatment. Better promptness in diagnosis and treatment is necessary for women over 40. The obstetrician-gynecologist should provide prompt examination if a woman has a condition known to be linked to infertility.
  3. If there is a companion, the best female fertility doctor in Delhi may ask for a detailed medical history from them, including details about any possible infertility syndromes.
  4. With an emphasis on vital signs, a thyroid, pelvic, and breast assessment should be included in a focused physical examination of the female patient.
  5. Tests on the female patient’s ovaries, ovulatory function, and structural irregularities will be the main areas of investigation. The best gynecologist in Delhi NCR may assist you in treating infertility issues by performing all these medical assessments.
  6. Scanning of the reproductive organs can reveal important details about diseases that have an impact on fertility. The ovarian reserve can be evaluated as well as pelvic dysfunction and tubal patency using imaging techniques.
  7. It is appropriate to ask a women’s health expert for the partner’s medical history and to request the examination of the semen. As an alternative, sending all male infertility patients to a medical professional with experience in male reproductive therapy is also acceptable.

Why choose a gynecologist for infertility treatment?

You should consult a gynecologist or an obstetrician first for any concerns regarding a woman’s reproductive health. However, an obstetrician or gynecologist might be unable to help you if you are particularly looking for medical assistance to become pregnant. To assist patients with fertility concerns, they must possess specialized skills. To visit the appropriate health professional for your fertility concerns, it is crucial to grasp the differences between an Obstetrician/Gynecologist and a Fertility Specialist.

Obstetricians and gynecologists who have completed specialized training in reproductive endocrinology are fertility experts. The best infertility doctors in Delhi receive further training to help people with trouble conceiving. Couples unable to conceive naturally have the option of IVF, a cutting-edge medical procedure that helps a woman become pregnant successfully. Pregnancy-related infertility is undoubtedly a significant issue, but it can also be resolved with a novel method.


Gynecologists routinely handle diseases that could affect fertility or treat conditions that make it difficult to conceive. Tubal injury is most frequently caused by pelvic infection and sexually transmitted disorders.

Gynecologists can be crucial in the early diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses.

Infertility is one of the main issues which Gynaecologists are treating. Dr. Shivani Sachdev, available to consult in the SCI IVF Hospital, is said to be one of the best infertility doctors in Delhi, so make sure to consult her in case of any problems related to infertility.

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