The Initial Planning and Treatments to Regulate before IVF to Shake off Infertility

A word, which was barely audible in any household, was infertility, but today’s lifestyle had bought unproductiveness existing in every second family. A couple goes through various shortcomings and the worst times in their life when repeated trials for giving birth go in vain. In other words, couples tend to lose hope of parenting a child and get disheartened after several miscarriages, premature birth, and death inside the womb, and so on. The best IVF clinic in Noida takes an opportunity and promises to bring smiles among couples providing the best treatment that may deliver their baby. You have decided for surrogacy, but the doctors of Delhi had shown a ray of hope through the IVF treatment.

Various Screenings and Tests before Initializing the Treatment

After enquiring about the cost of the procedure, the doctor’s approach towards the treatment and their dedication to the patients has made you decide to go for the complex through favorable IVF treatment. Since you have decided to opt for the IVF in the best infertility hospital in Delhi with your sperms and eggs, you need to get ready physically and psychologically for various tests. The preceding IVF treatment involves the following criteria that take you one-step further of becoming a parent. Initially, the doctors examine your ovaries to see the quantity and quality of eggs and various hormones in the blood during the menstrual cycle. It follows with ultrasound that may help the doctors to understand the response of the ovaries after the medication.

Few vital trials before the treatment

Few tests in the SCI IVF Center involve your spouse like the analysis of the semen that may decide about male infertility before starting the IVF treatment. The test will calculate the number of sperms present, its movement, shape, size, and volume of the discharged sample. To remain on the safe side, the doctor conducts few tests on both of you to see whether you are a victim of infectious diseases like HIV or any such dangerous illness that may hinder fertility. The IVF treatment center in Delhi practices a mock transfer of the embryo into the uterus to see the level of illness and use a technique that suits the best for successful implantation. Also, doctor’s conduct the uterine examination in which a fluid injects into the uterus through the vagina, followed by ultrasound that may give the entire picture of the uterus that helps a great deal before starting the IVF treatment.

The best guide in solving all your queries before beginning the treatment until pregnancy

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, an MBBS, MD, Obstetrician, and a renowned Gynecologist, had been treating and researching Genetics and Infertility therapy for the last 18 years. She had solved more than thousands of cases in India and abroad, resulting in a positive pregnancy.

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