Requirements of a Proper Surrogate

Everyone is aware of the fact that surrogacy is a process when a mother bears a child of another father. She is forced to opt for this process because she cannot become pregnant very easily. So in this case, she is only left with one option, and that is none other than surrogacy.

Day by day the demand for this thing is increasing, and people are getting a lot of benefits from it. This way, you can also expect a fair result as soon as possible. There is the best surrogacy clinic in Noida which gets more than hundreds of surrogacy patients daily.

But do you have any idea that what are the requirements of a proper surrogate? If your answer to this question is a simple no, then go through the requirements which are mentioned below. And after going through them, you would never have any kind of doubts or queries.

  • You should have a very healthy body mass index- The first thing is that you should have a very healthy body mass index. This way, there would not be any kind of problems, and you can also have a successful surrogacy. Make a note of this thing and mark it as a very important and crucial point.
  • Free from smoking and drug activities- Another thing is that you should be free from any smoking and drug activities. If any traces of these things are found in your blood, then you are not fit for being a proper surrogate. The two best specialists Dr Nupur Garg & Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour advises this thing to all their patients.
  • Go through a process of screening- Believe it or not, but it is true that you have to go through a process of screening. Here they will tell you where you have any kind of problems or not. And if any kind of problem is detected, then you will get rid of them very soon. Take this thing into consideration and never ever forget it in the future.
  • No record of criminal history- There are many people who have a record of criminal history and thinks that it is alright. The fact is that in order to become a surrogate, you should never have this thing. It can affect the baby and will have a very bad impact in the near future.
  • Ability to travel between appointments- You should also have the ability to travel between appointments. By doing this thing, you would never face any difficulties or troubles. But if you take this thing lightly, then no one can help you with anything.
  • Have financial independence- Last but not least, is to have financial independence from any state assistance. If you have this thing, then no one will question you, and everything will be perfect. In the beginning, you might not understand its value, but later on, everything will be clear to you.

Therefore, these are the main requirements of a proper surrogate about which you have to know. Surrogacy Treatment Cost in Delhi

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