Male infertility- A taboo, a health condition, not an incurable disease

Decades ago, male infertility was never a topic of conversation, but surprisingly today, we know males are equally responsible for infertility in women.  Considering male infertility a taboo and leaving it, undiagnosed had left many women not tasting the feeling of motherhood. Both male and female infertility are the same thing and maybe diagnosed in the Best infertility hospital in Delhi following the treatment. If you are failing to get pregnant, any of the couples may be the reason, and the good news for you is the advancement in alternative reproduction therapy had helped them arise from the sad situation by taking it as a challenge.

What are male infertility and its symptoms?

Delivering a baby is a normal process that takes place naturally. Still, if the couple is unable to conceive after trying unprotected sex from more than 12 months, then you require medical help and need to visit the best IVF clinic in Delhi.  

Time to visit a doctor

When you are more than 35 years of age and are unable to fall pregnant, you make an appointment in the IVF treatment centre in Delhi and consult with the best available doctor in the clinic. The doctor may ask you several questions before starting the treatment at once so that she comes to know about the root cause of your problem. She may ask you whether you had a history of any family member who had had infertility in the past. The doctor may also enquire whether scrotum is swelling or you had a history of a prostate problem so far or not. On correctly answering the queries, you may start with the proper treatment.

Causes of male infertility

The underlying reason for male infertility is common due to which the female is unable to fall pregnant is discuss below.

  • When the male sperm count is low due to some previous health issues results in male infertility.
  • It becomes challenging to ejaculate when the tubes are damaged, and the traveling of sperms from testicles to the penis is not clear.
  • Improper hormonal functioning also causes difficulty in making a woman pregnant.
  • When you are suffering from some infections or allergy, then it is not easy for sperm to enter inside the vagina.
  • If you had, an injury that had affected the groin might deprive you of fathering a baby.
  • If you had any hernia, repair or vasectomy surgeries in the past may also result in male infertility.
  • Urinary tract infections in men also restrict you from making your partner pregnant.
  • In case you had undergone radiation or any therapy to treat cancer may hinder pregnancy.

Visit the doctor to solve all your queries

You have decided to visit the SCI IVF Centre, as you had made an appointment with Dr. Shivani Sachdev, who is the best infertility specialist and the owner of the center too. Before coming, you might have done all the research work, had gone through Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour reviews, and have a clear idea about her expert advice and favorable treatment that she had practice so far. Surely, you will soon be meeting the best IVF doctor who would take you one step ahead to fatherhood.

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