Know About IVF and the Best IVF Doctors in Delhi

IVF or in vitro fertilization is a method where eggs and sperms are combined for the process of fertilization outside the body. The process is conducted in glass which is known as in vitro and it involves removing the eggs or egg (ovum) from the ovaries further the sperm fertilizes the eggs in a liquid. An IVF doctor in Delhi carries out this process with extreme sincerity so that they can bring some happiness to infertile couples. This process is used for infertility treatment and gestational surrogacy.

Candidates for IVF

It is very much disheartening for a couple when they try to start a family but some of the other reasons cause issues for them. IVF doctors try their best to help the couples cope up with this situation and start a new family. Some of the issues of the candidates who are opting for IVF are:

  • PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

The hormonal disorder is caused due to prolonged or infrequent menstruation can lead to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In the case of this syndrome, there is a number of follicles are developed in the ovaries of a woman and it results in regularly releasing eggs.IVF is considered to be a successful procedure when PCOS is considered.

  • Endometriosis¬†

This is caused when the uterus lining is grown outside the uterus. It causes a painful condition. The lining involves the pelvis, fallopian tube, and ovaries lining. In severe cases, it spreads beyond the area of the pelvis. Women who are suffering from endometriosis can rely on IVF for starting a family.

  • Tubal factor infertility

Sometimes the fallopian tubes can be damaged, missing, scarred, and even blocked. Difficulty in pregnancy occurs due to these factors. The fallopian tube is bypassed during the process of IVF. This is a much better option than any surgical procedure and it can help to achieve pregnancy in a short time.

  • ¬†Infertility related to male-factors

Some males have issues that come with no sperm count, low sperm count, and also low motility of sperms. These are the vital causes of infertility that are related to male partners. IVF doctors in Delhi can help to conceive babies even with male factor infertility.

  • Pregnancy on demand

Sometimes single women or LGBT couples wish to have a baby. But circumstances and situations are not in their favor. IVF doctors in Delhi recommends them for IVF. They can become pregnant successfully following the timescale and terms given by the doctors.


This process undergoes several steps. It starts from testing followed by stimulating the ovaries, retrieval of eggs, fertilizing, and transfer of the embryo. Sometimes the method of assisted hatching is also required. Finally, doctors conduct a pregnancy test. The entire process needs six to eight weeks to complete.

Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour is the best person to guide you about IVF and why you need one. They will also inform you about the pros and cons of this procedure. SCI Healthcare is the best place where you can find the use of the latest technologies and types of equipment used during IVF.

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