IVF Hospitals in Delhi Help Even Women Over 40!

Having children is one of the basic genetic needs of all living beings. This need is also highly emotional in humans. However, this urge is not satisfied with everyone. Millions of couples face infertility issues every year worldwide. To help them, the new technology called IVF has graced the medical world.

IVF is in the scenes for a long time now. However, the rate of fertility through its use 20 years ago wasn’t as high as it is now. This is because technology grows with time. However, there are several couples who were young then and could not benefit from this technology. They can opt for it now but a new problem stops them – their increasing age.

Yes, there are various hospitals and IVF centers that do not serve women over 40 with their advanced services. This can be extremely harrowing for a couple trying to conceive for many years or even decades. However, there are IVF hospitals in Delhi that help women even over 40.

There are hospitals that take up the most difficult cases of infertility. They do not discard cases with a lower prognosis if there is still a chance of pregnancy. Canceling patients still with ovarian reserves who are over 40 is a common practice among many hospitals. This is because women over 40 generally have few eggs. This makes them respond poorly in ovarian stimulation. This makes a low rate of conception through IVF in such patients, and hospitals fearing their record to set low, refuse to treat them. The best of IVF doctors in Delhi with higher ethics still don’t go for statistics when it comes to treating women higher in age. The goal of such doctors and hospitals is of providing everyone with an equal opportunity with this treatment.

There are several cases of women over 40, who have responded really well in the case of IVF treatment. Many examples include women over the age of 40 giving birth to healthy twins or even triplets. Sometimes healthy 2-3 eggs can be extracted from a very deficient reserve of ovaries. This can result in creating 3 healthy embryos that can even be frozen for future use. The same couple can then go through several more rounds of mini-IVF as well as TESE, which can save up to 5 new embryos frozen with advanced vitrification technique.

There are several good hospitals in Delhi that can help you go through a similar process even if you are over the age of 40. Choosing the right doctor and right clinic in the process which is really interested in treating you is very important. Reviews and research about the right hospital and doctors can tremendously help. Taking help from IVF specialist, Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour can be a great option for you.

IVF is essential for many couples when it comes to infertility and desire for conception. Women over 40 shouldn’t lose hope and should go for treatment even if the chances look bleak. A good specialist can create a miracle in the darkest hour and thus you must not lose hope.

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