International Patients

About our Hospital Services and Expert

Located at the heart of New Delhi, SCI IVF hospital, lead by the founder and Director, Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, is in close proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport which is only 14kms away. SCI IVF hospital, due to its great services, well-skilled staff, nice location, and amazing positive results is the top choice for Local as well as International Patients. Patients from all over the world have approached SCI and have got much greater success rate than any other hospital they have tried. Our sole duty is to assist you through your treatment and make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Our Process for International Patients

Every year we treat thousands of patients from around the globe who exclusively comes to get treatment from SCI IVF. Our process is simple, you send us your query and we will get in touch with you. You can then share your case with us as well as your medical history. We will analyze it and will tell you about the possible solution and its cost estimate. As soon as you decide to start your treatment with us, we will apply for a VISA on the basis of your passport and other verifications.

As soon as your medical VISA gets cleared, you can come to SCI IV for your treatment. You will be provided with various facilities during your stay and treatment and then, after your treatment is done and the post-treatment checkup is clear, you can return to your country


Honest Medical Opinion – We don’t beat around the bushes and does not mislead the patient by giving a dishonest medical opinion for our own personal gain. Our team will evaluate your case and give you a direct and clear opinion as soon as possible, without any thought to our personal gain. We believe in Integrity and honesty. Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour, one of the best IVF specialist in the country, Director at SCI Healthcare, is always encouraging the staff to give honest opinion to the patient.

Advance Treatment Costs – We always make sure that we are completely transparent to our patients, thus not adding any additional hefty fees during or after the treatment. We know it is a tough time for you, so we make sure to make it as easy as possible. We give you a proper cost estimation of the treatment before your arrival. This gives you the chance to make the decision of whether you want to proceed with the treatment or not.

Appointment – Time is precious, thus we give great importance to punctuality and also we avoid wasting the time of doctor as well as the patient. As soon as you confirm the date of your arrival, we create your appointment with the Dr. Shivani Gour, one of the top IVF & Surrogacy specialist. This way, you won’t have to wait for hours to meet the doctor and will get the proper care.

Visa Assistance – You don’t have to worry about getting a VISA to our country to get the treatment. It is our responsibility and we take proper care of that as soon as we get your approval for taking the treatment. Our dedicated team will start working on your medical VISA application from the respective embassies, as soon as they got the patient’s case history, other related investigative documents, passports of the patients and the attendees etc.

Airport Pick-N-Drop Facility –We provide the facility of picking you up from the airport on your arrival for the treatment and we will also drop you off to the airport after your treatment with the SCI IVF hospital is done.

Hotel Reservations – There are various nice hotels within close proximity to SCI International Hospital. We make sure to share the list with our patients so that they can easily book from any of them. Also, our staff will assist you with the bookings of the hotels, if required.

Language Interpreter Services – It might get difficult for you to understand Hindi or you might not be comfortable even with the English Language. Keeping this in mind, we have hired people fluent in various languages like Arabic, French, Spanish, Persian, Chinese, etc. This way, you don’t have to bother about finding a translator to make your stay easy.

Hassle Free Payment modes – We provide our patients with various easy modes of payments. They can make the payment at the time of arrival using either cash or the cards. There are multiple foreign currency exchange outlets nearby the hospital. You can also transfer the amount directly to the bank’s account prior to your arrival. We are here to assist you in case of any confusion or problem.

Free WiFi – The patient gets full access to the WiFi in her/his room so that he doesn’t have to worry about contacting his kin or just surfing the net. The WiFi access is complimentary.

Accommodation to the Attendant – We provide the facility of at least one attendant who gets to stay with the patients. It does not matter what type of room you select, one attendant will be provided space so that he/she can stay comfortably with the patient.

Post Treatment follow up – We, at SCI Healthcare, also provide and recommend our patients to come up again for a checkup after any kind of surgery or treatment. This way we can ensure that everything is fine and there are no further problems.